Monday, December 8, 2014

Hey everyone!
 It's been a looooong time since I've blogged...but I'm back now for some major inspiration. I'm always on the lookout for fresh new designers in Fiji and just recently I came across a great fashion designer named Robert Kennedy. I absolutely loved his designs and did some research on who shot his latest collection because they really stood out to me. I found out who the photographers were through You Tube. Kama Catch Me Photography  is a collaboration of husband and wife team based in Fiji. Their two different backgrounds (Kama is from Fiji and Gitte is from Belgium) fuse together pouring out artistic passion to tell the stories of who they are capturing. I chose to feature their  "Freedom of Expression" shoot as it spoke to me so much. 

Kama Catch Me Photography 
"Freedom of Expression"
The idea behind this shoot was birthed from a complaint we have, which is to encourage future brides to dare to venture off the beaten track. We get that planning a wedding can at times seem like a mountain with a sign post at its base warning you that “Its harder to climb than it looks”, and that with that hesitation it’s probably far easier to be pressured into trends or the influence of peers, past weddings and parents ha ha. But for us we see that Mountain more as an opportunity than a hinderance. We believe that brides should feel free to express themselves and within that expression is where they’ll feel truly liberated. Initially when our Model ‘Leni Tabua’ from VOU dance School turned up, she seemed very shy and even got us doubting whether she could pull of the concept. But as soon as we started shooting she absolutely “Brought It” and within a short space of time we realised that this ‘Freedom of Expression’ was far deeper than just brides feeling Liberated, this was much much more. Leni brought with her a raw, gritty, ballsy and edgy mood which totally flipped us inside out, and our concept on its head!

This was a not just a “climb up the hill to get a glimpse of ‘what could be’ kind of shoot”, this was a WAR CRY, a Battle stance, this was about Women fighting for Recognition, fighting for a voice, fighting for family, fighting for her Liberation from so many chains, voices and doubts that have contained her for so long. 

I have a lot of respect for artists in this case Kama who can express their talents through images that can speak to the soul of a person. Kama's artistic expression through these images really spoke to my soul and inspired me "to dare to venture off the beaten track" 

Vinaka Vakalevu for sharing your brilliant work of art Kama. You guys make me want to get married again haha! Perhaps I will book you for my 10th wedding anniversary in Fiji;) 

So, do me a favor folks go check out their amazing work on their website (beware you will want to get married in Fiji) Instagram and Facebook. And lastly if you or know someone that is planning to have a wedding in Fiji I would HIGHLY recommend them. Book them NOW!

Happy Monday folks! 

Lolomas (love in Fijian) 

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