Monday, March 4, 2013

Green House Photo Shoot

Being an island girl in the desert gets hard sometimes because I miss the ocean & the rich green forest I had surrounding me growing up. So when I came across this green house at Bakers Nursery it was the perfect location for a Tapa Living shoot. It was a lil bit of Fiji in the desert. I'm a simple girl, just leave me around plants and flowers and I'm content. Now all I need is the beach, I cant wait to go this summer!

All of the headbands and flower crowns were DIY's. I'll be posting up tutorials soon. You wont believe how easy & cheap they were to make!

The lovely and talented lady that took all these photos was Leah of Leah Hope Photography.  She's amazing to work with, super chill(my kinda girl) and is open to creative ideas(again my kinda girl:). If you live in the Phoenix Metropolitan area I would highly recommend her and plus, I don't think anyone can beat her incredible rates!;)

My makeup was done my friend Rebecca Bond Turner who owns A-Z artistry. Girlfriend has mad skills! Go check her out!

Thank you for stopping by & have a beautiful day my friends!

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