Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Obsession Over Mid-Century Chairs



As you can clearly see I'm a little(ok maybe a lot) obsessed over mid-century chairs. I love how they are uniquely designed and stand out amongst the more traditional chairs. I'm also drawn to them because growing up in Fiji I remember having these chairs at home and at school. These chairs DO NOT come cheap so when I'm thrifting or scouting local stores around town I'm always on the lookout. Luckily a couple of months ago I found 4 of them at Goodwill!! I about fell over and died when I saw them in the corner saying "take us home Suzy"!  And you wont believe how much they were.... you ready??..... $4 a piece baby SCORE!!!! I can't even describe the feeling when I can find things $100 dollars less than their retail price! Thank you Jesus!! 
They definitely need a lil TLC. With a little sanding and paint they will be perfect for my Tapa Living dining room! I'll be sure to share before and after pics when I'm done with this project.  

What kind of chairs do you like?? mid-century, traditional, modern or a mix?


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